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Me Not so Happy - N2 extreme gelato

I always wondered where N2 extreme gelato was when I thought I knew Chinatown like the back of my hand. Turns out, across the street a little way beyond Mamak is the home to the funky lawn of N2 extreme gelato.


A ‘scientific’ set up with modified Kitchen Aid mixers, N2 extreme gelato offers a unique gelato experience. I’m surprised that they don’t wear safety glasses!



'Me So Happy'- miso caramel with peanuts served on milk gelato ($6.00). I guess working in science and research has made me numb to the excitement that is liquid nitrogen. I really disliked the peanuts covered in miso caramel and once you take away that aspect, you’re left with nothing but mediocre gelato underneath which I didn’t finish. I don’t know if I would come here again but if I do, I would not choose this flavour.


Venue: N2 extreme gelato

Address: Chinatown, 43/1 Dixon St, Sydney, NSW 2000


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