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KoKo Black re-run


After dinner we decided to talk a while longer over some hot chocolate. Who couldn’t use a nice hot beverage in this weather.

They have their Winter menu and I have noticed they have pastries and cake in another cabinet now. Yay new things to try!


Chocolate Affogato a carafe of our hot chocolate in a blend of your choice, poured over a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream ($7.90)

Chocolate Choux pastry filled with vanilla custard and raspberry coulis ($5.50). I found this very underwhelming, the pastry tasted stale, the custard was bland and I had to dig before I found a hint of coulis. Don’t fall for the well photographed cover of the menu. Hmmm, I wonder what the rest of them taste like, couldn’t be as bad right?

The service and waiting times for a table is getting better, although some staff could learn to be friendly. They are just lucky that they have nice truffles, although the prices are creeping up.

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