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Snacking at the Snag Stand


After a whole weekend of eating Asian food, Tim wanted something a little different and since Jamie’s Italian is closed on Sundays, we headed to the fancy food court at the Centrepoint Westfield Sydney.

Despite so many choices, I really wanted the spicy cheese Kransky but they had sold out.  

Cute packaging!

We opted for the American classic wood smoked frankfurter with American yellow mustard, tomato sauce, onions and sweet relish on a toasted brioche roll ($6.90) with a side of chips 100% Tasmanian russet potatoes with natural sea salt flakes ($3.90). The hot dog itself wasn’t great but I didn’t want to completely judge Snag stand on this one hot dog because in hind sight there were probably better (second) option sausages to choose from.

I should come back and try another flavour, if not at least to snack on their chips.

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