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Zumbo re-run


Obviously I wasn’t going to go to Darling Harbour without dropping by Adriano Zumbo PatissierĀ again. Just a quick trip to see what Zumbaron flavours were on offer this week and maybe grab a small cake to go, who could resist!

Grabbing a few old favourites and a lot of new ones: custard crunch, pancake and maple syrup, salted butter popcorn, some sort of fancy chocolate flavour, mandarin and malted milkshake.

Zumbo’s V8 cakeĀ vanilla almond crunch, vanilla chiffon, vanilla dacquoise vanilla macaron, vanilla water gel, vanilla glaze and vanilla ganache ($10.00). Although there is a lot of vanilla in there were still so many complex flavours and textures within every bite, provided you put your spoon through all the layers and not just picking at it.

I much preferred the cake over the Zumbaron flavours this time but I never leave disappointed.

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