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What’s delicious at Burgerlicious?


Everything! Well everything that I have tried at least. Situated along the busy main road in Newtown, Burgerlicious is an Australian owned company boasting self made meat patties and sauces and their burger buns are made to their recipe.

At first I ordered wings but the meat patty looked too good for me not to try one so I changed my order.

Tofusion- marinated tofu, grilled onions, roasted eggplant, avacado, tomato, lettuce, tomato relish, homus (meal $12.40) This is my friend’s standard order, I asked if she had tried the other vegetarian burgers, but she said why stray from a great thing.

Their (vegan) chips are yummy!

Cheese- angus beef, grilled onions, cheese, American mustard, pickles, ketchup burger (burger- $6.90) Not the best burger I’ve ever eaten although I did appreciate the tasty patty but I wish they made more effort to melt the cheese though.

Venue: Burgerlicious

Address: 215 King St, Newtown, NSW 2042

Phone: (02) 95197401

Website: http://www.burgerlicious.com.au/

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