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Wollongong Series- Diggin it @ Diggies


We made a quick trip to the ‘Gong’ to visit a friend for her birthday. The night before she made us a delicious roast with all the trimmings (yes she cooked for us even though it was her  birthday weekend - she loves us that much!). The next morning we thought we’d try our luck at our favourite (and often busy) brunch place by the beach, lucky for us there was only a short wait!

Welcome to Diggies, a favourite cafe for the locals with a gorgeous view of North beach!

I thought even their chalkboard signs were really cute!

A lot of cyclists come by to get their morning coffee hit, but now with the upgrade of the surf club it’s harder to cycle through the area with all the construction.

Although it’s spacious on the inside and out, there still never seems to be enough room and therefore always a line up for Diggies.

Diggies- prime location, right by the beach!

For those who weren’t ordering coffee to kick start their motor indulged in a 'sunkissed' juice- orange, pineapple and strawberry ($6.50). So delicious and worth ordering!

Ricotta hotcakes- with fresh strawberries and sweet ricotta ($18.00)  I tried some as this was my (very close) second choice and I could have easily finished the whole thing , it was incredible! My friend ordered it without maple syrup but the ricotta is sweet enough that you don’t need it. 


Benni- poached eggs set on sourdough with smoked ham, spinach and hollandaise ($17.00) My local friend said that the serving sizes had shrunk a bit but the quality of food is still the same. 

Big one (sorry, no alterations) bacon, two eggs, diggies house sausage, spiced chats and grilled mushrooms on turkish bread. ($20.00) When this was placed in front of me, I thought to myself- ‘how am I going to finish this?’, apparently I had no trouble at all  I asked for tomato sauce for my egg and sausages- yum!


Despite the shrunken menu and increased prices since I’ve last been, this will always be one of my favourite places to dine for brunch on a weekend morning while I’m in Wollongong, although I’m always open to new places! My friend said she’ll take me somewhere with awesome mango smoothies next time- I can’t wait!

Venue: Diggies

Address: 1 Cliff Road, Wollongong, NSW 2500

Phone: (02) 4226 2688


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